BULLSHIT! On Gun Laws Part 3

9 min 52 sec

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Penn & Teller give us their take on gun laws and stereotypes. They have some really good points. This show is split into three different show parts: Part1 | Part2 | Part3.


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U like to talk to much, and are kind of a dumb ass. "Im a gun owner and collector" whatever. Nameless Sploder | Sat, 10/20/2007 - 00:52

absofuckinglutely awesome TV

Everyone gets checked when applying for a license to drive? Um, HELLO, hundreds of thousands of people drive cars without licenses, and never get caught. Your agument is hereby nullfied twit. You know penn and teller, I've always thought of you guys to be a couple of jackasses. I also pegged you for being anti-gun jackasses. After seeing this, I have changed my opinion of you and fucking applaud you. So do my 6 guns and my wife's 2. Half my guns I was not allowed to purchase until my wife got hers. I introduced her to shooting, and it's cost me bunches of extra money. However her, and my guns, are all worth it. My gun has already saved my life. Without my gun I would have been dead, my wife would have no husband, and my children would have no father. So to you gun grabbing liberals, FUCK YOU.

I think that the 2nd admetment should let us buy recollis rifle, and with no back ground checks, cause guess what, if every one had a gun ,and a crazy guy gets a bazzoka guess what ,hes dead.

The people with pro gun control comments should have a coyote eat his dog off of his porch, then say would a gun be handy now? It's not just about bad guy's.What about protecting your livestock, field's and home. Gun's are tool's in the right hands they are useful as well as dangerous. So go cover your head and pretend every thing would be better without firearms . KISSY

The thing is we need a balance we need a way to regulate the act of buying a gun but not when and were to carry it. Background checks won't garentee a crazy wont get a gun but it'll catch a few enough to make a dent. On the other hand its not a matter legally obtaining a gun cause for a criminal thats a joke. We need guns we need them to make society safe and the more good guys with them the better if a some one robs a bank but 5 costumers in the bank have guns he's politely fucked. sure he got the gun but in the end he gets some extra lead.

Eat a dick OP.

"anybody that is in favor of gun control is a FUCKING MORON" Couldn't have said it better myself Jackie

get off the gun site then, shut up HIPPY

As usual - there's the common missing parts in this typical gun control arguments that Pen & Teller spouted... so - they're show is pretty much "Bullshit" - They usually do miss parts of the arguments in their shows, anyway - as they attempt to go about "disproving", usually in order to go kissing up to the cynics in their TV audiences...
They neglected to mention the loopholes in those waaay too many gun regulations, many of which cancel or confuse the others out... Like for example, buying guns at gun shows on weekends prevents background checks in most states that one would otherwise have to get in a regular gun store before he/she could purchase a piece, for example - and how anyone with a can shop the flea markets or classified ads... No checks there.. ! -
Also - the loopholes in checking out mental, and/or drug/booze substance abuse and guns - If one drives a car - that's something that is always checked when applying for a license for example - Would you want a crazy with a gun ..? (Notice how the NRA successfully lobbied against any changes in the laws about such - while giving lip-service otherwise right after the Virginia Tech tragedy?) - But even though that is part questions on the federal form gun buyers at gun stores must answer - there's no teeth in it - no serious background checks - and anyone can simply lie about that.
Most inmates in prison were convicted of a drug/alcohol related crimes - many, if not the majority of those for violent crimes where a weapon was involved - and who were loaded, themselves at the time - which of course - guns play large, here...
Pen & Teller then had that tired argument of guns protecting us against our government - should it turn hostile against We, the People - well - that's already been made moot by that part of "Provide for the Common Defense" in the Constitution - in that I doubt too many of the common citizens could take their Glock 9mms and AR15s and successfully go defend themselves against an Army and their A-1 tanks - and/or A-10 Thunderbolt jets, with it's Gatling machine guns and rockets, etc., etc.... So that part about firearms in defense against the government gone rogue - has been nullified, a bit.
And that routine of Jackie Mason going on about shoes, cars, etc.. killing more - well - most people wear shoes - as opposed to wearing guns on their feet - and most people drive cars going to work, daily - than driving their .38 Special - so accesses is a lot easier to shoes, cars, and etc., if one wants a weapon to get violent with... So that argument don't wash, either...
But about that argument of guns as a deterrent - well that's true..! - I live in the West - and know for a fact that in small cities and towns - the crime rates are low, generally - than in the more congested parts of the country and the larger urban-city areas .. And I'm willing to bet that's at least partially because about half, if not more homes have guns in them. However the larger western cities like Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, etc. - gun violence is still as high, if not higher than the rest of the country, and certainly more compared to other countries with cities of similar size - but with the tougher gun laws...
Now I'm a gun owner - a collector, actually - and I will not give mine up, and I agree the anti-gun people exaggerate far too much... But I also know that gun owners tend to be some of the more self-indulging, self-justifying group out there - who live in perpetual states of denial about guns - Well, I can live with being self-indulging - but not with the denial part - and that any unnecessary deaths by guns - is obscene..!
So - I'm for redoing the gun regulation laws down to a simplistic form thereby getting rid of the loopholes, the confusion - and making sure that like cars - people who buy guns - must follow at least the same laws as drivers of vehicles do, including background checks and proof of gun handling and safety - along with stiff laws for gun negligence..! - and yes, that does includes background checks of the guns, too - and (dare I say it..?) - registration of firearms.. !
I could go on about the woman in the show whose family, tragically blown away, some 16 years ago - by a stranger who plowed his car into a restaurant (notice how he used a gun to kill - instead of his car..?), and remark about the fact that in most shooting deaths the killer knows his/her victims (yes, women can and do commit homicides - and such crimes are in the rise, as the rise of populations in women prisons show...), and rarely are there random executions of strangers - even in school shootings the killer(s) usually know vaguely who they're blowing away - according to the crime statistics, anyway...
But I won't.
Very shallow report of Bullshit (name fits, like I said..) - Penn & Teller slight of hand as magicians are showing - and they really need to go to work for a living..!