Desert Eagle .50

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I can tell you first hand how much fun these are. The melons don't stand a chance.


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The recoil is nowhere near that of a S&W .500 mag or even .454 Casull.
Who said anything about the battlefield or concealment? For open carry, camping or home protection it'd be fine. Plus, at self-defense distances anyone who trained properly will hit with the first shot, and the round is peppy enough that even if the bad guy has the time (during recoil) to get 6 rounds off at you, he won't be able to 'cause he'll be DEAD from that big ol' hole in the boiler room.
Lighten up guys. Besides, who has just one gun anyway?
Besides, it's just the ticket for those who live in neighborhoods with lots of thug crack-addicted watermelons!

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I pistol like this is NOT for personal protection. Sure you can use it for that but it won't take you long to decide to leave it at home. Guns for carrying (aka personal defense) are ideally small and easy to conceal. You can't conceal a Desert Eagle very well, it's just to big.

Desert Eagles are over hyped, if you miss your f&%Ked i can put 6 rounds in you by the time you re-aim it.

So THAT'S your brain on desert Eagle...

yeah, except its NOT a personal defence weapon. its just a sporting gun, or something that gangsters use for compensation.

The recoil probably isn't as bad as it looks, because it's a rather large, and therefore heavy, gun. Not to say it isn't impressive. A note to the first guy, who says you'd use these things on the battlefield? They're for personal protection. You're not shooting people at 200 yards, you're killing people from 10 yards and in. It has the stopping power to do that.

I have had my Deagle for a long time now and must say that as it does kick hard, it is quite manageable. This is mostly due to that fact that it is a slide action and one of the few gas piston powered handguns. That massive slide snapping back forward takes a lot of the bite out of the original recoil.

You know they are made in israel and are not a us wepon, and that wepons way to impractial on the battlefield.

They are also made by Magnum Research in the US...BTW weapon


Me want one! Now

i fired one of these when i was in america with my dad and uncle. Their like a hand held cannon.

aye im quite supprised at the recoil on that fooker

Must be some recoil on those things =)