The Operational MP5 Briefcase

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This briefcase hides an MP5 and can fire from inside the case. I'm not sure what you would use this for, but apparently it also pops popcorn.


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nameless I dont know where you get your info ,prob fox news but ive never heard of a terrorist carrying a 5,000$ HK mp5 ,they are expensive and not available to them ,maybe your thinking about all those weapons of mass destruction we found


these were found in pallet-loads in various palaces and strongholds during the beginning of the Iraqi invasion.
these are weapons for terrorists, to get in a crowd and kill indiscriminately. They can't be aimed well and control is almost impossible. Useful only in high density, "target rich" environments-like cities, malls and schools.
But don't let that fool ya, Saddam was a great guy and Iraq had no ties to terrorists or anything...yeah right!

El Mariachi

I'll take two

The reason for it is close protection if I remember rightly. A guy in a suit holding a briefcase looks like an innocent. So in an ambush he has the element of surprise by popping back up and shooting. Thats the theory anyway.