Taser vs. Bull

28 sec

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Think that a Taser weapon might have trouble against a really large person? Think again, this clip shows a bull taken down with one. I'll take mine medium well thank you very much...


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Nameless Sploder | Wed, 02/18/2009 - 01:51
"if you dont think that is funny your a fucking retard"
Anybody that does think this is funny is really the fucking retard.
Agree...and it's too bad that fence held the bull back.

"if you dont think that is funny your a fucking retard"
Anybody that does think this is funny is really the fucking retard.

That is completely wrong! "over 50% of the time a taser is used the recipient has a bowl function failure" - what an idiot. The reality is that does not happen. What happens is nearly every time the individual is completely incapacitated and then does not fight once the 5 second ride is over. Your "facts" are pathetic and obviously made up.

Over 50% of the time that TASER'S are used...the "recipient" usually has total bowl function failure....that takes the fun out of driving them to the jail........

animal abuse

this guy must have balls made of steel!



look on the bright side, he was probably a rodeo bull anyway; and they don't have too much memory. He didn't know what hit him, and as soon as you walk away for a while he will forget it ever happened. This is not torture, it's just a little...electric shock therapy, haha

Now that's what I call "cow tipping."

i just blew a funny fuse, seriously that is the funniest thing i have every seen in my entire life. im a built 6'4 and 320, i dont even want to think what would happen to me. by the way if you dont think that is funny your a fucking retard.

P.S. check out the video of the dead wale geting blown the fuck up ull love that one.

Lol...y'all are too funny!

Crap...didn't know I wasn't logged in.

also cyre you douchebag. the outcry to them is on the other video of bullfighting and rodeos. they're equally sick. just like you.

your fucking sick as shit.
you deserve to die

Dear Cyre, Your flimsy argument is that bad things happen to bulls at rodeos and bullfights, therefore, it's okay to tase bulls because other bulls are being ridden, taunted, or stabbed elsewhere. That's nice thinking, man. I heard on the news a retarded man was beaten over the weekend. You might not want to leave your house ever again, because, if you do, and you're tripped, spit on, or thrown headfirst into a dumpster, no one, according to your logic, should feel any sympathy for you.

so we can do it to people but not to your next big mac?

poor bully woolly.

Cool, except the bull just got tortured and probably learned to gore any human that comes near it. Anybody else want to post animal cruelty clips?

Oh please, like almost everything else done to bulls isn't "torture"?? Where's your outcry against rodeos and mexican bullfighting? Idiot.