Home Shopping Armory

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Up late, and can't sleep? Well put on the Home Shopping Armory for all your assault rifle needs.


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I know where you can get them free and only dropped once!

474 pounds is quite steep for an AK, even with ammo.

That's 1000$, given that you can get one in some parts of the world for as little as 20$ it better come with tons of ammo.

*sniff*I love this country.

A Kalashnikov is less than that. I saw one at a recent gun show for $300. Of course, that's not the price of a pre-ban automatic, but I have a funny feeling the creators of this commercial couldn't tell the difference if the two were sitting in front of them.

its funny. brittish through and through.

This is an amnesty intertational /stop the arms trade commercial. it was tagged onto "the Lord of war" dvd when released in the UK. Good old british humour.

im pretty sure this is from a commedy program in the uk since they do not allow any working guns for private ownership in the uk like they do in america, especially not assault rifles lol. you would struggle to keep a 410 shotty without a rly good reason i.e shooting rabbits on your farmland or if it wasnt opperational. i think this is intended to be funny for british ppl because of this. (being a brit myself i laughed)