Soda Can Gun

50 sec

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This is a user submitted video of his soda can launching system. He puts his special chemical mix into a water bottle, caps it, then slides it into the tube and drops a soda can on top. Even though you can't make it out in the video, he claims it almost reached the island in the distance (about 300 yds)! Thanks to Darkshadow for sending in a great video!


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The "chlorine pucks" contain a chemical called trichloro-s-triazine-trione. And yes, you DO NOT want to breathe chlorine gas (the yellow vapour in the video).
It's much safer to use alcohol vapour ignited by a pushbutton-type piezeoelectric barbecue ignitor (the red button/device on your propane grill).
We used to launch tennis balls from a couple of YooHoo cans this way. (YooHoo used to have steel, not aluminum cans.)

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Yeah, too bad He doesn't say what the Tube is Made from, and Not Clear at all, on the mixture of Chlorine Pellets, Puck, Pocks @ 98% avail;able chlorine content etc... and the camera Guy almost Loses the Camera...Great Video...HAH

dark shadow is a panzie and a beginner

and Scott is the pussy in the boat hiding from the can.

oh yeah I forgot to add, the gas that makes the bottles blow up is chlorine gas, and WILL burn your lungs, nose eye's etc, ask me how i know, so be careful.

more vids to come as i get my new cam :D