Russian T-80 Tank

1 min 16 sec

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Here is some footage of the T-80 Russian main battle tank in action. It's no Abrams, but it'll do...


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Cool. Nice! But did it HIT anything>

Thats key. The Gun didnt look to "pointy" when focusing in the camera for a bit there......

I am RaisedByWolves!!!!

Turbine Powered. Gyro Stablized main gun so you can shoot on the move as was shown. Composite armor like the Abrams but like someone else pointed out it isn't as "angular" as the Abrams armor. It was the first turbine powered tank in the world. Though the wiki on it has a diesel powerplant on one model of the T-80. Probably an export model.

I think if the crew got training on par with what our Abrams crews get it could give the Abrams a run for it's money. I mean that is where most of the rest of the world lags behind on us other than technology is training. I mean we have whole units of people whose soul purpose in life is to train our miltary men and women.

I like it!

abrams known as problem service tank. it is very important fact especially during the battle conditions

Otherwise known as "target" to the US Army.

If I remeber right the T-80 is turbine powered. It's about the closest ANYONE has gotten to our Abrams MBT.

not very sloped though, must have reactive armor

sorta sounds like a abrams, wonder if it is turbine powered too?