Sniper Montage

4 min 48 sec

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A nicely put together sniper compilation. Our boys that like to reach out and touch someone.


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at 01:15 what gun is it please can anyone tell me :)

the guy at 0:30 sec is a Navy SEAL

semper fi, you turd! It's 7.62x 54, and 7.62x 51. And 12.7mm is not what it shoots, it shoots a .50cal rd.! 12.7 is a DSKA round (.51cal).
And what's with the SAS motto combined with Semper FI ??
Turd! Get back on your xbox, and shut up.

best ones are the svd dragunov 7.62 by 64 , and the 12.7 mm barret m107 , i'm just waiting till the 107 comes out legal , fuck it , ill just steal one if i need it , though the m21 aint bad , but it lacks the range that the dragunov and the barret has , that one with the silencer is the m110 in 7.62 by 61 right? looks a hell lot like the sr25 just in desert camo .. the most dangerous thing in the world is a marine with his rifle , and remember if the enemy is in range so are you ( unless you have the barret m107 2400 meters easy) . who dares wins , semper fi

Sight load fine for me. This site is the shit! Maybe is your computer, or connection thats shit and not the site?

Those M82's are incredible pieces of hardware. great video

honestly- this site is shit. nothing loads, no way to upload whatever serbian waste of time software this site runs on... sigh it was so well recommended too...

this isn't you tube, mail the man if you want to up load, that is pretty clear, site work great for me, everything loads fast and true, thanks for all the hard work!

Everything is working just fine.....for someone who hates this site so much you have spent a while looking. Learn how to use the intarweb and have a great day!

Fucking A1. GO BOYS GO.
ps : keep your heads down, your scopes clean and your aim true.
Good luck, from Australia..