Stolen Tank in San Diego

4 min 8 sec

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Some lunatic has steals a tank in San Diego and tours the town. "Tanks" a lot for "barreling" down the street, dont "tread" on me! Tap tap is this thing on?


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reminds me of GTA when you put in the cheat for the rino tank becase it equls lots of FUN
*i bet this guy get life in prison*

That is why they should let use buy rpgs(with background checks of course)so when this happens again, well you get it.

Nameless Sploder | Sun, 10/07/2007 - 16:27
Uhh ya, tank+crazy person=bad

That guy in the tank is my hero!

"Question was raised whether or not it was necessary for the police to kill Nelson. [...] Any military official contacted would have recognized the tank was out-of-commission with only one usable tread."

Locks on tank doors (the type that are locked from the outside) are silly: It would be too easy to lose the keys, leaving everyone undefended should the reds invade.

No, it's GOOD that this whackjob didn't lock it, it's good that the cops were able to open it.

If anyone SHOULD have locked things, it's the personnel at the base.

Idiot should have locked the hatch!