Tarantino UZI Video

3 min 23 sec

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If Quentin Tarantino ever directed an UZI video, it might look something like this. Prolly with less tools and more hot women though!


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A pulp fiction-esque soundtrack does not a Tarantino homage make. Now if the first shot showed a target with a bullet hole, before switching to a view inside the mag where the rounds are discussing cheeseburgers or why they don't tip, then having a long, convoluted scene where the bullet moves in slow motion singing along to the soundtrack, THEN it would be a Tarantino style Uzi video.

Isn't that a MAC10???

Got Nines?

I like and own guns and all but this guy is a douche for making such an idiotic video.

why the fuck would QT direct an uzi video, and why would it be like this? his movies have plot retard

Wow get a hobbie....maybe that will help your anger problem.

Need... bigger... clips!