The CV9040 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)

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The CV90 is a family of modular ground combat vehicles designed to carry out the most part of modern mechanized units missions. The CV90 vehicles are extremely agile, all-terrain capable, with minimized radar and IR signatures to achieve high survivability. They also feature reduced maintenance costs and high growth potential. The CV90's turret is electrically operated and houses a UTAAS sight providing day/night and all-weather detection and fire control capabilities.

The CV90 vehicles are the result of a joint venture between Bofors Defence and Hagglunds. The first CV90 vehicles where delivered to the Swedish Army in 1993. In addition, Norway, Switzerland and Finland have ordered CV90 armored vehicles.

The CV90 vehicles weighing 20 to 30 tons are powered by a single Scania DI16 diesel engine providing 600-670 hp.

The CV9040 AAV combines the CV90 chassis with the proven Bofors Defence TriAD turret. This vehicle is intended to provide short range air defense supporting mechanized military units even in the front-line of the battlefield. The CV9040 AAV is armed with a Bofors L70 40mm cannon and is also suitable against surface targets.


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