Immigration Gumballs

10 min 35 sec

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This guy will open your eyes on the issue of immigration in this country. This reveals some shocking statistics and very well may change your ideas on how many people come to this country every year. Roy Beck has done his homework and his findings are startling.


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I don't consider the children of immigrants to be immigrants. They are American Citizens.

This is what will destroy our country. Far more so than fuel prices or the housing market or world war III. This not only destroys the infrastructure but the entire makeup of our nation. Rome Falls!

This guy isn't pandering to anythingor anyone. He is simply stating facts. If thats to much for you..........Then maybe your part of the problem. And keep in mind, he is only talking about the LEGAL immigrants as I see it. Add to this the influx of ILLEGAL immigration and you can cut his time table in half.
This is a VERY educational clip if you choose to except the premise.Or you can continue to live in ignorance and let the country collapse.

This guy is pandering to fear and to racism. 25% of new companies in the USA are started by immigrants. The US is stronger thanks to immigration as we get the best and the brightest from other countries.

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Americans for Americans! We need to save this country before we fall like Rome!

I completely agree with this guy. We need to stop letting the US be the airbag of the world. We cannot take care of everybody in the world, especially when they don't even about us as a country. Great video.

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