Sgt. Johnson Loves Machine Guns

2 min 12 sec

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This is a great user submitted video that has it all. Dual MP5's, chicks with AK's, and just general full auto madness....what more could you ask for? Special thanks to the Sarge for sharing this great footage!


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Police department shoot?

look at that lame ass he is nowhere near as cool as I am hiding behing my computer talkin smack

Every time i see videos like these every one is so fat. Still Those were some really nice guns these guys have.

Another fatty with a class III license, perpetrating his lame ass Alpha male status with a Blackwater shirt (haha and leaving his badge on)....and poor supervision of the civies. Bro, start jogging and try to get into MVM. Turd!
PS you and your clown posse are the reason ammo is so expensive nowadays.

thats totally awesome!! can't wait to see the next one!!! <3 Mel

lol - would that be "Dual MP5's"? 'cause I didn't see two blokes turning at 20 paces

haha whoops, I really should pay more attention sometimes...