Slow Motion Tank Round

35 sec

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I can't think of anything cooler than slow motion tank rounds. The military had to cancel the program however, as even though the enemy was mesmerized by their flight, they had plenty of time to get out of the way.
Seriously though...The MRM-KE, also known as X-Rod, is a 120mm precision guided munition for use by the M256 tank gun found on the M1 Abrams. It was designed to fulfill a requirement for Future Combat Systems for a long range, Beyond Line of Sight tank munition.


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It is definately not a sabot round... the description "The MRM-KE, also known as X-Rod" Is correct. It is a guided round... and I believe it was cancelled and the technology rolled into a new project. But I have seen stories on both sides of that. Prolly just a smokescreen to keep developments under wraps.

looks like the model rocket I built a few years back, what camera was used? Very nice quality btw

nope, defintily not a sabot, thats probably the tank rocket they developed, dont remember the nomenclature. a sabot is a dart basically, not a slender "rocket" with tail fins. And sabot rounds travel extremely fast. is sabot:)

You guys are right, I changed the title thanks.

Sorry but that's not a rocket. That looks to me like a SABOT round fired from a tank's main gun.