SWAT Team Drive By

2 min 12 sec

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This genius tries to flee a crime scene and runs into the whole swat team. They give him a nice happy hello right through the windshield of his truck. The clip is cool but the host/narrator is a douche


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Actually, contrary to the nameless "expert", 223 rounds are greatly affected by sheet steel and the window and door lock gears and mechanisms and auto glass is very good at defelcting bullets. I didn't see many M1As or FALs there.

Wow way to look out for your buddy, I'm sure he appreciated being used for a back stop.

Actually, contrary to the "expert" in this video, bullets actually go through vehicles fairly easily. Usually, a large caliber handgun bullet will penetrate a side door and although fragmented, will still retain enough mass to penetrate a person. The only thing that really influences bullet trajectory is the angle of the windshield glass. Side glass just shatters.

Rifle rounds, however, are mostly unaffected by car body material. The car will cause the bullet to tumble, but this is AFTER the rifle bullet has penetrated the vehicle.

These officers are incompetent. Notice how they shoot into the driver's side window, exposing their fellow officers to friendly fire on the opposite side.

The officers fired at least 20 rounds, subjecting their coworkers to a crossfire situation in the process, and the guy suffered 1 shot in the arm. Brilliant.

As far as what the officer was saying about shooting through a vehicle, notice he said *through*, not into. Also, an intact sheet of glass will slow a bullet down considerably more than the steel body of a car. Until it has been shattered, the glass is very strong (many modern cars use the windshield as a structural element).

What kind of failure gun can't shoot through a window?

No you did'nt !, you SWAT guys messed up my gold wire wheels!

foooo sheeeeez how is I pose to pimp my ride when these honkies be shooting at my fly gold daytons..