Teach Her to Shoot Correctly, Toolbox

38 sec

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I blame the dumb ass that let her pull the trigger without the stock on her shoulder. This guy is a total idiot and one of the reasons that women don't like that fact that guys like guns. She got hurt because of his stupidity.


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What a retarded fuckwit! He was TOTALLY to blame. She wasn't even leaning INTO the shot and had her finger on the trigger the whole time. He obviously hasn't heard of a "dry run" with an unloaded weapon or demonstrating with "like this-do that".
We can only hope natural selection takes him out soon.

After the bleeding stops, she should butt stroke his ass with that shotgun.



Hope she doesn't hold the Johnson that poorly too !

Saftey glasses, hearing protection, and somebody who actually knows how to instruct people to shoot needed here...

He also didn't help by standing right behind her, thereby preventing her head from moving further rearward as she was trying to do allowing the scope to "sandwich" her. Why do girls let guys do this crap to them.

Fucking retards

that's an entire family full of stupid right there.

Poor Girl didn't know what to expect, That has got to hurt big time.

what a douche bag

and they wonder why they put laws on guns, arsewipe