BB Minigun vs. Tv

2 min 40 sec

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So since this thing technically is still a BB gun, can I still shoot it in my backyard? This thing chews this TV apart in no time.


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I need one of them for the gophers.

I want one for those damn carnival "shoot the star out" games. *LOL*

where can i get one?

that's great i want one

nameless sploder #3, they are wearing full face protection! i WANT ONE! i'd mount on my front porch with a sign underneath. "you can tresspass, but do so at your own risk"!

Hey Brandene! Looks at me shoot'n the Teevee.

Hey, what about the fact that BB's tend to ricochet? That many of them, a few are bound to bounce back, and... -singsong voice- YOU'LL PUT YOUR EYE OUT!!!

PS - I <3 Them Thar Miniguns... =)

Is that airsoft BB's? Or the metal type BB's?