C-130 Night Attack

7 min 55 sec

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Night time battle footage of a C-130 air attack. These guys never had a chance.


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GO GET IT!!!!!!

The comments of people that show proud spurts of American nationalism when seeing other people blown to bits in a video frighten me a little.

Looks to me they wasted alot of ammo on a couple of goat herders, but sure blew the shit out of everything else. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Good work men!!

about a few seconds before they hit that hot spot, looks like a bunch of cows or some farm animal.

Damn, Gotta love our military!
Angels of Death!

Excellent!! Death from above!!

You know, everyone gets upset when a soldier die - me included. But as soon as you put guys out of harms way and attack like this, then people are upset saying Americans can't go hand to hand... You really cant please everyone...

What a bunch of crap... GET EM guys! anyway you can!

haha These Spectre quarterbacks need to lead a little more! Great job though!

Wow, how brave. I bet that whenever an american soldier has to go in to hand to hand battle he will shit his pants.
O.k. everything is allowed in love and war, like fly a plane into a building...

you win the die in a fire award, so please do so...

Heh. . .Light 'em up!

Good work!