Woman Soldier Taped to a Pole

4 min 44 sec

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If you are the only woman in a bored to death maintenance crew, this could happen to you. Her fellow soldiers snatch her up, duct tape her limbs, and tape her to a pole. She seemed to be a good sport though considering.


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that girl is tougher than the four fuck sticks together. one hell of a good sport.

im no sea lawyer, but im pretty sure thats called hazing. and while i whole heartedly condone what they're doing, i also think they are dumb for video taping it.

I assume they gang bang her too. and then she laughs and smiles too.

Duct tape leaves a bruise on bare skin when you take it off. Don't ask me how I know. I don't know about that stuff, but they might owe that girl an apology when she gets free.

you guys rock!

That's one way to keep her leg's together. Tuff chick it only took four guy's to do it. Good luck babe!!