Does Your Mortor Say Made In Taiwan?

20 sec

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With the guys chanting "Allah is great" in the background, captain jerkstore's mortar cannon explodes. Maybe they should stop and think, hmmm maybe Allah doesn't have our backs after all.


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jajajajajajajajaja...Bien bien bien...A la mierda con el moromierda.l

I call this a good start.

that's the destiny of all the killers.... "violent death"(not natural death).... don't be twisted, GOD, ALLAH, DEUS , Jehovah and all other names still meaning the same... and god do exist....... and in the ten amandments is written: You shall not murder. and some people "kill in the name of god". this video is a Proof that these kind of people are doing things in name of another been that clearly isn't GOD...

("..and all of the people wish to me,say of me,and think about me ,GOD give them twice"

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GOD BLESS YOU! PEACE!(to who want peace...)

One down and a million to go. How can anyone feel sorry for these guy's don't you know their shooting at us. Wake up!!

Damn they did have weapons of mass destruction!!!

Apparently God really isn't that great.

Haji meets Allah in person!!

The act of Heavenly Justice: Allah shows his attitude to these f*cky “man-of-faith” by eliminating in the moment of “killing-in-the-name-of-Him”

Waaaajajajajaja fuck you fucking asshole learn to use a mortar, ah no he is dead

allah (the) fu*ktard, allah (the) fu*ktard, allah (the) fu*ktard, they chanted BOOM said the mortar, F*ck said the dead guy, Ha said me :-)

A U.S mortar didn't hit him you dumb fuck that was his one mortar that malfunctioned and blew in his face, watch before you comment you retard

Teehee... I laughed pretty hard when he blew up.

Yeah, I think that was a U.S. mortar round that hit him... I've seen a tube explode, and the fire and smoke go up, not backwards.

We do not sympathise with him. I am glad that an enemy is down.

However, calling him stupid is... well... stupid.

Equipment malfunction is an ever-present risk, especialy in forcesthat have to resort to low-quality one. The guy knew the risk. Same way, we have no right to laugh at soldiers who get killed by an IED - those things happen in war and there is little they could do.

peoplewho are sympathising for this dude, would you have prefered it if that mortar round had worked and hit one of our lads. better him than me is the way i see it.


wow its sad that you people find such joy in someone dying...

besides I am christian through and through but Im not a redneck hypocrite who beleives all muslims are going to hell, how are they supposed to know that their religion is wrong? whos to say it is, we worship the same God, and in the end they are people to...


Serves you right for following a monotheistic religion, fagtard!

Sweet jesus watching a human get blown up isn't funny.
When a person's life's value is relative to what side they're on, you aren't really that civilised.
Come on, they're saying the same things about us guys "too bad it didn't get them sooner" "lol justice!"
Hmm, maybe they should realise we're just the same after all?

Does rubbing yourself out with a dodgy mortar round count towards goin to paradise and those much treasured virgins ???? hahahaha


LOL! Don't play with fire!

1. We were more of a Christian Nation when we were founded.
2. Religion has caused more wars than anything. Loving and serving God does not require religion. Religion is MAN's invention.
3. No one knows the mind of God. The wisdom of man is still foolishness in His eyes.
4. There is only one God.
5. Islamists believe they are truly serving God. They are truly in for an awakening on Judgment Day. And that is sad.
6. This sick, sad, and depressing video is the funniest thing I have seen in weeks. The only thing funnier is me, now that I am walking around without my ass, inasmuch as I LMAO.

That is justice, too bad it didn't kill him sooner.

ahh haa haa haa u stupid son of a bitch u gotta let it cool off a bit u stupid raghead fuck. i just about died of fuckin laughter when i saw this dumbass

Interesting how this video gets all the religious/political fanatics whiped up. It is just an idiot with some old ammo and a motar tube. Likely an Al-Jaleel 60 mm motar, the country is awash with them. Under the previous government they made so many of them that they were exported. The guy did not get hit with a counter battery shot. It happened to quickly and the explosion was too small. The tube was not too hot. That weapon can sustain 25 rounds per minute with no problem. Nope, the dude just had some old ammo, probably from a stash left over from the Iraq/Iran war. If not properly stored the explosives become unstable. Then just dropping a round will make it go off. The shock of the propellant charge would be plenty to light off the main load. This clown was just the victim of using something after the expiration date....

yeah, I laughed my ass off

fuck sympathy for the devil

me and my freind say this and we were laughing sooo hard he was crying it was fking hilarious and i give this video a 10/5 truely the best

Oh please. Come down off your religious high horses. You know what? I found this video hilarious, and I fuckin' hate Bush. I'm neither Democratic nor Republican, because neither side knows how to run a goddamn country. Stop being so fucking sensitive. Just because we're American doesn't mean we ALL have to be sterile little bitches. If you're gonna bash the video or anyone that enjoyed watching it, just keep your politically-correct bullshit to yourself. You should already know nobody wants to hear anything you fucking say.
If it were any of you getting blown the fuck up, I'd laugh just as hard.

islam is shit. alah is a jew

Hurray for the resistance!