Mk19 Misfire

11 sec

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Ever wonder why you are required to wear a chicken vest when firing the MK19? The last thing you want when firing a grenade launcher.


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Perhaps the government should not give the ammo contract to the lowest bidder?

***Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

That's not lackof LSAT. That's what happens when you have an open bolt machine gun slamming grenades around at 350 rds/min. It's a great gun when it works, though.

Those were not grenades that were falling out of the can, its packing


those blue-tip grenades are most likely the M781. It's a training round that doesn't have a HE charge but does have a little bit of a burst for visual feedback on where your rounds are hitting.

tha didnt look like it was going well to begin with, the grenade rounds from the ammo box were flying out everywhere, i wouldnt have felt safe even then lol

Good thing the gunner didn't get hurt. Was he using practice rounds or something? No big explosion.

haha, "OH FUCK!" would have been my response too!

haha, either you guys fired waaaay too many rounds, or somebody didnt use LSAT

Do not want!