Does Your Mortor Say Made In Taiwan?

20 sec

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With the guys chanting "Allah is great" in the background, captain jerkstore's mortar cannon explodes. Maybe they should stop and think, hmmm maybe Allah doesn't have our backs after all.


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funny how this very funny terrorist blooper reel became a lame discussion of religion and war. War is not fair, religion is a theory so get off it and laugh at the dumb ass that just blew himself up because they are laughing at us when we die.

Allahu Akbar, yer ass


What you think, this is a humanitarian act? Oh good Allah, give them mind.

haha sucker. too bad it only got one of them.

Awwww... did the poor little terrorist go ?
Funny... perfect... love when there is a camera on when you need one.

Boom !

Lots of racists in here. Probably morons, like Bush.

C'mon they were obviously trying to kill someone. Of course they deserve it. I don't have a religion but I don't know how many ask people to kill people who don't believe in their religion, oh wait yes I do Most of them!!! Thought has accomplished more things than faith.

About the Atheist thing,

I'm Atheist and I don't bash any other religion. I DO bash zealots and people who try to force their religion on others though. I believe everyone has a right to their own religion. Just leave me out and I don't like saying all atheists bash other religions.

anyone who says they deserve this or any muslim deserve this, is sadly completely ignorant, and probably a supporter of bush. you are not in their shoes you do not know anything, so dont speak without knowing the truth and stereotyping.

and as for the person below me, if this makes u feel good, you are sick, and should seek help from a psychyatrist, etc.

this footage gives me a very fine and good feeling !

No dude. I'm not an atheist, but I think anyone who thinks they understand the "mind of God" is an arrogant fool who is entirely incorrect in his erroneous conclusions that he/she has made (been told) about the nature of the universe. We are all fools, respectively, some of us just know it, and admit it.

On a second note, anyone who would kill another human being in the name of religion DESERVES to be put to sleep, or blown up by his own mortar.

I dislike repugnant Atheists (like Richard Dawkins), but I REALLY hate people that refer to archaic tomes in order to justify murder. Not only is Islam completely misguided and retarded, it is utilitized by people who claim to know the mind of God, as revealed in the Koran, in this case.

Your point of view is a myopic one, you have yet fully developed mentally.

What an idiot, any one with any military/weapons knowledge will tell you to let the barrel cool down a bit before shoving more and more rounds into it.

to the last commenter. You're a fucking retard. You atheists will use anything (in this case, a muslim piece of shit insurgent blowing himself up) to bash Christianity.


all religious zealots deserve to go like this. Christians and Muslims (but not Buddhists). Then we moderates would walk the peace. As soon as they legalize drugs, then people won't be killing each other for drugs either. The only people who would be killed would be dealers with unfair prices

uh ouch! damn ragheads.

And they are not saying "Allah is great" in the video... They say "Allah-u Ekber"... This means "GOD IS ONE"... Just like "in god we trust one" ...

(I am not Arabic...
I am not Fanatic...
I am not Terorist...)

They want to protect their lands. Don't forget it... By the way nonexistent 'Allah' is really exist... Cause "Allah" is name of GOD in muslim culture... So you idiots cursing your GOD while you are cursing ALLAH... Ooopps I forget that, you don't even know the where is middle east in world map exactly...

and the last thing I must say, we believe the Jesus ... We believe he is a prophet... But you... "You" are just ignorant people...

This is sad. This guy believes in his nonexistent 'Allah' and will do anything idiotic for him. Not any worse or really different from fundy Christian idiots in the US. Both are actually pretty terrifying. I hope whatever Higher Power there is, and there surely is one, stops them both, soon, before we all die.
A friend asked me once a question that really pissed me off but seems appropriate here: would you rather be right or happy?

That wasnt the mortar exploding, that was a US mortar tracking the source of fire by GPS. I work for the NRA we have seen this video before. After the muslim mortar fires a few times the US mortar is able to pinpoint its location and adjust its route in flight.

I think this is real ! Think the tube just heated up to much - donno for sure - but I think after launching 3 other mortars in just a couple of seconds, the tube explodeing is not impossible - its actualy plausible.

yea haw another DEAD ISLAMIC MU SLUM TERRORIST that one less TERRORIST to kill others hope he is rotting in hell with that shrap metal stuck up his fucking ass

I don't why you think thi sis not real. Funy as hell.

What you have to do here is look beyond ideology. Screw both Amrecans and the muslims.
Fuckheads all of them.

But damn it is funny to see someone get fucked like this. Ha HA

you play with guns - dont come crying when you get shot dumbass. No matter what your reason is to play with them

I wonder who had to clean up the mess. I dunno, I just think that way. Sure, it was nasty, but ideologies aside, it must have been a big mess. I'll bet you ten bucks that his buddies didn't give a crap about the mess. They probably ran off like roaches.

No? You feel insulted? Did they NOT scurry away like roaches? Do you feel that they stayed around and grabbed buckets and mops and cleaned up? Wouldn't that be stupid, given that they are in a combat zone? I hope they did. Because if they did, they'd have been waxed shortly afterwards by US troops trying to figure out where these errant idiotic civilian killing mortars were coming from.

So America is the leader of the free world. With the comments here I guess that it is no wonder that people want to blow the shit out of you! Lead by example. Most of the example here is intolerant, merciless bigotry.

The hell we are a christian nation... you're as ignorant as the rest of the idiots leaving comments. Just because we have more blind faith in this country than reason doesn't make us a "christian nation." And to the idiot who thinks the mortar moron was American, you're more ignorant than most of this country (not because you were being literal, but because you think all Americans are as dumb as our president)

You guys are a bunch of stupid ignorant fucks.

Fake, but to bad it's not real.

Only good raghead is a dead raghead.