Does Your Mortor Say Made In Taiwan?

20 sec

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With the guys chanting "Allah is great" in the background, captain jerkstore's mortar cannon explodes. Maybe they should stop and think, hmmm maybe Allah doesn't have our backs after all.


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my lord that's terrible. We're a christian nation aren't we? Have some compassion for other men!


fucking awesome. too bad he didn't suffer at all. that would have been the icing on the cake

We need 10000 more videos like this. The enemy is on the run, and despite our incompetent administration, our boys are really kicking their asses.

this is not funny you dumb mother fuckers

got what the shit fuck had comming to him karma rocks!!!!

They may be our enemies, but god damn that's not funny.

Seeing as to how the fucker had his hands on the tube while he was shooting I doubt it was too hot. Allah just wanted another martyr I guess :)


looks to me like the dumbass let it overheat, in the temperature over there plus the amount he had probably been firing (he doesnt look to pro whilest doing it either lol) the shell prob got set off because o the heat of the tube. it was funny as fuck though, allah akbar..BOOM!!

FUCK ALLAH! FUCK ALLAH!!! FUCK ALLAH!!! Thant should be their new chant... You fucking rag head idiots! Oh and fuck your mothers too!

Fuckin' Haji.
When are those gutless cowards gonna finally come to war in something other than their pajamas, sandals, and chicken-shit-cowardly head-bag?

Allah-Akbar THIS, Haji!

That's one splattered little boy-humper,made my day!

fuckin rag head. I hope you suffered as you died

He isn't Muslim, as he can't even do the chanting properly. Must be a fucking American, lmfao!

haha, made my night...fag

Be tough to please your 72 virgins with your balls blown all over the wall behind you......LOL

lol on his face