Exploding watermelon liquid nitrogen

55 sec

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What does everyone have against watermelons? Melons are for eating not splodeing, ok it is cool, but they are also for EATING.


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NOT VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

slode is right tards. it's LN2. Watch the liquid instantly vaporize when it hits the pavement.

seriously splode is right

Liquid nitrogen freezes. no exploding. Did you not pay attention to the assemblies in middle school? :P

Or take a basic chem class?

The liquid nitrogen doesn't explode, your right. However if you paid attention, you would see that the liquid nitrogen is vaporizing in the uninsulated plastic water bottle and in turn pressurizing it, as it is sealed in. It causes the bottle to burst when the pressure is great enough. Maybe you should take a common sense class.

splode, its water hes pouring in, chips of the dry ice are already in the bottle that was the vapor coming out you saw.

Watch closely when he first starts to pour, the vapor is coming from the thermos not from the bottle on the ground. That is because the liquid nitro is in the thermos

That's dry ice, not liquid nitrogen. Big difference...

Its not dry ice its liquid nitrogen, hes pouring it from a thermos. You can't pour a solid last time I checked. A dry ice bomb requires a solid piece of the dry ice to be in the bottle not just the gas from it.