Swat Team Over Does It

45 sec

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This swat team over does their breach explosives just a tad. The blast pretty much takes the room apart.


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and people wonder why claymores have " this side faces enemy " labels

c4 would have killed them too, they use breaching charges.

wtf... a little extra C4??


Yeah, that's a training exercise. Funny as hell, though I'll bet they hashed THAT one out in the classroom for a while after...

looks like its just a training excercise gone wrong.. not a real life time event... so that is why they are laughing...


In light of this I now want to be the guy with the shield, not to protect me from bullets but ceiling tiles.

That was awesome...this was clearly a training excersise, otherwise the tension would have prevented laughter.

You foreign people are so odd....

GO U.S.!!!!

Thanks, we love you too n00b!

lol, gotta love the americans and how they can laugh about nearly killing people.