Horrible Aim

27 sec

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I'm not sure who's worse, the hunter for aiming in the same spot 3 times when his sights/scope were obviously off, or the deer for just standing there. Take that rifle to the range and sight it in for petes sake.


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This is almost as funny as the flake I personally witnessed who jacked all the rounds out of his shotgun while screaming, "Shoot him! Shoot him!" If deer can laugh, that buck was in hysterics that day.

At least the the deer gave him 3 tries!..lol


lol this is why they should legalize rpgs and grenades

three things 1. oh....my.....god. 2. they invented bayonet lugs for a reason. 3. sight in your rifle.

LOL that rifle is shootin about 2 feet to the left...the rifle is probably perfect its the dumb phuck who cant zero it is the problem...

Guess this is why some people buy semi deer guns.

Survival of the fittest or the least dumb, ahwell he lost a good trophy.