Hot Women With Smoking Barrels

5 min 44 sec

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I don't care what anyone says, the guys running this gun range have the greatest job in the world. Hot half naked bikini women, and more machine guns then you can shake a stick at.


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Who cares if they cant hit. Man im just jealous of the guns they got to play with, i wouldnt have a massive need to hit the targets either if i could just empty a clip from one of those babies

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

its a shame they can not handle the guns.

think I sploded

LOOK AT THEIR BOOBS i love em wooooooo i wanna have sex with em all at once they are so hot!!!!


Some of the girls there had much bigger.... ahhhh guns, than others!

I'm not sure that I'd go into battle with this bunch, however if basic training was like this, our military ranks would be full...
The rest of you, hey just lighten up!

I am hotter. My boobs are real. And I can sure as HELL hit a target! Don't you wish the same for these poor girls?

Ugly, old man-like biotches! go to Russia if you want to see truly beautiful girls

Those are not boobs, they are recoil reducers.


so, just make sure im right... youre supposed to hit the target ;-P

I betcha those implants don't have a warrantee for the kind of recoil that a .50 cal. sniper rifle dishes out.


none of them can shoot worth a crap

I bet they get lots of hot brass down their bikinis..........