F4 Phantom Meets Wall

48 sec

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To test the strength of the nuclear power plant walls, the government crashed an old F4 into one at 500mph.


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Really makes me wonder how these dumbasses think that a terrorist is going to use a .50 BMG to both punch through the reactor, and somehow cause a meltdown. If an F4 can hit it and hardly leave more than a scratch, I don't see how anything fired from a half-inch rifle from a mile away is going to be noticed.

They should rebuild the world trade enter outta that shit and spray paint "f**k you Osama" on the side with a big picture of Mohammad getting buggered by a blonde dominatrix with a huge red, white and blue strap-on.

hahaha amen brother!

amazeing !! Bet the three little pigs wished they had a house like that .