The AutoCopter Remote Control Gunship

2 min 12 sec

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This is footage of the prototype unmanned helicopter with an AA-12 automatic 12 gauge shotgun attached. This little guy can fly itself and is self stabilizing, which means that that pretty much anyone can fly it without prior training. The system will not take user input that would cause it to crash. It "interprets" what the controller wants to do and steers itself safely. It can also run in a auto mode using gps to navigate a preset path.

The mounted AA-12 auto shotgun can also be used with the Frag-12 grenade round, and the Frag-12 High Explosive Armor-Piercing (HEAP, or HE-AP) for vehicles.
Not only can the operator recon and photograph the enemy, but he can engage them as well.


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Oooooooo Raaaaaahhhhhh

Whoah, NICE! We just had the new version of this chopper in our shop a couple of weeks ago...the new version will have a turbine engine and TWO AA12 shotguns, one pointing straight ahead and one angled down. I'd LOVE to see it in action!!!