Hold On To That Shottie!

57 sec

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3" magnum slugs from a 12 gauge double barrel, at the same time. Did this douchebag think it was going to be small? Too bad its the gun that prolly ends up with some dents.


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do not call yourselves american kids. you are a lack of. you poorly represent the country, you carry and set the bar of failure to the bottom and you dont have far then to climb.turn the barrell 180 degreese next time and do the country a noble gesture... please. Just so we do not have to see you again.

three intoxicated idiots. We dont teach kids this stuff or in this way. So they wont grow up to be like this. We need skilled and smart not the drunk and stupid. These idiots cant protect our freedom, they make us easy prey to loose it. to loose this three? bonus. they are a waist of good food, water , and oxygen.

He shouldered that shotgun like a 12 year old girl shooting a .22 What a retard. Regardless of the make of the weapon that is no way to treat a boomstick.

what is funniest is listening to the guy in the background laughing!!!

What a douchebag

i knew he was a retard when i saw the vote for Pedro shirt and sandles on, really who does that?

Stoegers aren't too bad. They don't weld, measure, cut, and re-weld the barrels like on other, higher quality doubles, so they're not going to hit in the same spot every time, but it's still a nice little double for the price.

Though, in all honesty, I wouldn't expect something intelligent from someone wearing a 'Vote for Pedro' shirt.

I dont think the owner of the gun tought that was funny.

peice of shit stoeger

that was hilarious!!!

Double barrel IDIOT!

fuckn asshole! very stupid guy!

lol.. retard